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Although issues relating to debt restructuring and insolvency have gone “off the boil” in Thailand in recent years, the level of domestic lending to corporations means this is an issue that never truly goes away.

Following the economic crisis in Thailand in the late 1990s, the Thai Revenue Department introduced a number of tax and fee concessions to assist in debt restructuring exercises that are as relevant today as they were then. Nonetheless, the complexity of the laws relating to this has resulted in a need for market leading practitioners who have detailed knowledge of the tax structures in order to achieve successful and creative debt restructuring workouts in Thailand.

LawAlliance team members have actively participated in most of the most highly innovative and complex debt restructuring exercises undertaken in Thailand to-date. This has resulted in our ability to be thoroughly familiar with both the commercial and legal issues that need to be considered in such complex transactions and to also keep abreast of all the changes that have taken place in legislation, as a matter of policy.

Furthermore, members of LawAlliance’s legal team have worked closely with the Thai Revenue Department to initiate and comment on the structure of certain new tax laws relating to this field, as well as having provided extensive reviews of all existing laws. This level of background experience places us in a unique position when advising our clients on tax planning issues that relate to debt restructuring workouts in Thailand.